First Experience of Salvaging a Car

1967 in India

It was around 1967 in India, one of my uncles drove into town going from Bombay to Delhi. He had purchased an old, possibly 1950+ Plymouth. Next morning the car didn't start and there was no way to find a mechanic or parts in our small town, so he had to leave it there and take the train for his remaining journey.

The car stayed in our yard for a few more months while some people came to give it a try from close by towns (even from Delhi). I think it liked our yard so much that it did not want to go away.

Finally, my uncle gave up and told my dad to just get rid of it.

My dad, I think, sold it to a junk yard guy for 200 Rs. ($40 probably at the time).

A crew of 4 came and dismantled the entire thing in 6 hours and hauled it away in pieces.

I was around 8 or 10 years old and was amazed at the speed they cleaned out this huge car. They must have made some money too!