Love Your Car!

1980 in USA

1980 summer me and my brothers went to do summer jobs in Anchorage Alaska. We drove from Fort Wayne, Indiana - a 4500 mile journey in 4 nights and 5 days. We drove a 1975 stick shift, Honda hatchback.

We killed a deer somewhere in Montana.

We only stopped for food and gas - did not even stop for changing drivers. Some people may have also tried this - When there are three people in the car, the passenger can hold the wheel and put the foot on the gas from his seat. The other two switch seats by reclining the driver seat.

We lost three tires and the entire exhaust system on the Alaskan highway driving on the mud road - raining a lot - at about 15 miles per hour.

In Anchorage, paid $200 to get the exhaust system going, $500 for fixing the doghouse which the deer hit and paint.

When the summer was over, we sold the car for $2000 and flew back to Indiana.

We were poor students so we could do a gutsy adventure like that - who will drive almost 5000 miles to get a summer job.