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5 Tips on Keeping Your Classic Car’s Upholstery in Mint Condition

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It is common for people to let nature take its course when it comes to their classic car’s upholstery. It is easy for dirt, grease, grime, dust, and body sweat to get trapped inside the pores and crevices of the leather. While it is true that cleaning the leather can be intensive, it isn’t difficult.

Your car’s interior requires special attention. Here are five ways to keep your vehicle’s upholstery in top condition.

1) Protecting Against Rubbery Movements

Many car owners don’t realize that placing items directly on top of the leather upholstery can cause wear and tear to the material. It is a good idea to place something that serves as protective material between whatever it is you’re placing and the leather upholstery. Even a regular folded up towel will do just fine. The idea is to reduce friction buildup against the leather component of the car seat.

2) Using a Leather Cleaner

Most people call it a day after vacuuming their car dry. There is more to cleaning the car’s interior than rudimentary vacuuming. After you’ve removed all the debris, you should finish the job with Meguiar’s G10916, which comes with a UV coating to provide your car’s leather upholstery from the sun’s harmful rays.

3) Polish the Dashboard

It is common for dust and dirt to collect on the car’s dashboards. Over time, they will start giving the signature dirty and faded look. Once the dust and dirt fall down to the carpet, you can clean it up by vacuuming later. Start from the top and work your way down to the bottom. This way, any dirt and debris you removed won’t contaminate the clean surfaces.

4) Clean the Windows After the Dashboard

Cleaning the glass windows is especially important because the dust and dirt will reduce visibility on the windscreen. Use a high-quality cleaning product to provide your windscreen with a streak-free finish for high visibility.

Start by spraying a few drops of the glass cleaner on to a soft cloth to remove streaks. It is recommended to clean the windows after you’re done with the dashboard, and this is because the dirt and debris may splash onto the glass surfaces when you’re scrubbing the dashboard.

5) Kill the Bacteria

If you spend a lot of time in your classic car, it is inevitable that germs and bacteria will latch onto the internal surfaces. The odor from food will stay inside the car and contaminate its air conditioning system. To prevent this, get an odor neutralizer which is optimized for use with the leather upholstery. Spray a few drops of the product onto the leather and leave it for a few minutes to disinfect contaminants.

Wipe the solution with a wet, soft cloth.

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