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Picking a Car That Matches Your Lifestyle Part 1

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Like your residence, your car must also go with your lifestyle. However, it’s not easy these days to invest in a car that perfectly syncs with your standard of living. Personal preferences, misleading marketing, and availability of multiple options have also made it difficult for people to spend their hard-earned money on a car that’s right for them.

In this blog, we will try to categorize different car makes according to varying lifestyles in the backdrop of different practical implications.


If your regular commute involves driving during rush hours and you have to frequently travel along with family, then there is no better option than a hatchback. Their price tags are not outrageous. They give good fuel economy. They come in compact sizes, so you can drive them around with relative ease in bustling traffic.  It’s also easy to park a compact hatchback into a tight spot.

A hatchback is also a good utility option because it provides spacious trunk space, which makes your family commutes convenient. Many versions are also available with the option of folding backseat to convert your car into a temporary pickup truck.

The only downside (even if you consider it one) is that they might not come in quintessential picturesque designs. However, the monetary benefits of a hatchback are so many that one can compromise on the aesthetic front.

Hatchbacks have been introduced by nearly every car manufacturer. Volkswagen Golf SE, Ford Focus, Chevrolet Spark, Toyota Yaris, Kia Forte, and Honda Fit are some of the popular contemporary hatchbacks makes.


In terms of aesthetics and ‘personality’, coupe cars are polar opposites of hatchbacks. Coupe is the vehicle make known for its flamboyance. If you can drive a car without worrying about its economic implications, then we would suggest you go with a coupe.

They are small and sleek 2-door vehicles that are not an ideal option in terms of passenger or trunk space. However, their fine designs and better fuel economy makes up for that. There are certain cases in which coupe will go well with your lifestyle.

  • If you are living on your own and a family is not dependent on you for their commute, then cruising in a coupe car will suit you.
  • If you are into long drives or you have to do freeway commutes quite often, then coupe is the right choice.
  • Popular culture has intentionally and inadvertently worked for a long time to establish a certain image of a couple car driver. If you are living with the alpha male/alpha female lifestyle or striving for it, then getting a stylish coupe will definitely take you closer to it.
  • Last but not least, if you are a car freak and have been crushing on a certain limited edition coupe, then it won’t be wrong to invest your money in your passion.Engg-Logo

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