ASA Computers, Inc has been making PCs and Servers since 1989. They specialize in Rackmount servers. They also make appliances for many software companies.

Since 1989, ASA Computers Inc has been assisting individuals, companies, and organizations with their computing and networking requirements. Through various iterations of hardware and software flavors, we have been partnering with our clients in keeping their computing environment current in a cost-effective manner. Starting off as a simple system-integration Company, ASA Computers now provides full solutions including 'ISP packages', servers for '.com' Companies, computing environments for schools and research organizations, RAID and NAS set-ups, network installation, help-desk support, and much more.

Despite many changes in the field of computers, ASA Computers Inc has maintained its belief in the open architecture and multi-OS support. This has allowed us to offer a wide range of solutions based on various platforms like Intel x86 and Alpha. The open architecture allows us to configure systems using industry-standard components that help an easy/cost-effective upgrade path and lets us custom-configure systems exactly to our client's needs. There are many Operating Systems in existence today. ASA Computers has been following and keeping up with the *BSD, Linux, MS Windows, and Solaris Operating System environments since their inception. We test for system compatibilities with the help of various communities and do our own testing in our lab.

ASA Computers Inc. believes in keeping close ties with the various OS communities and it's vendors/partners. We have been an Internet Success Partner with BSDI for nearly a decade. We have been involved with the FreeBSD community for many years now, and continuously contribute there. You might have noticed our systems at the FreeBSD Conference 99, for which ASA Computers was one of the sponsors. Red Hat Linux used our systems to feature their product at various exhibitions and trade shows. Cisco Systems used some of our servers in their ambitious NetAid project. We are Cisco Premier Certified and an Intel Solution Provider. ASA Computers Inc is authorized to provide Compaq and HP systems, and is a Microsoft Solution Provider.

ASA Computers Inc ships systems and components all over the USA and the world. Our list of clients shows the confidence and faith afforded us. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

DSR1 / zdag102 is the world's best dvd repair machine in its class. It is compact and it does the work.

R1 is the world''s first homeuse/small video rental use automatic optical disc scratch removal machine.

It can not only repair the discs but really remove all scratches , restoring discs to a like-new condition (within reason).

10 seconds repair time
3 seconds cleaning time

It Repairs/cleans the following:
CD, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, DVD, DVD+-R, DVD+-RW, GAME DISC, PS II, X-BOX DISC and other optical disc.

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