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Common Problems in Classic Cars and the Reasons Behind Them

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Owning a classic car without driving it on the road isn’t any fun at all. You can’t just have a classic car standing in your house, without proper maintenance and tuning. It is imperative that you have the car checked on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains it beautiful self and is out where it needs to be; on the roads.

Since the times have changed a lot from when these cars were first made, you should understand that many of these cars aren’t meant to perform in the motoring conditions of today. Due to the difference in time and other factors, some of these classic cars suffer from extensive problems that you might not understand without sufficient background.

Here we mention some of the most common problems encountered by classic cars, and how you should go about handling them:


Overheating is by far one of the most frequent issues with classic cars. Since these cars don’t have an in-built advanced cooling system, the car can tend to overheat from time to time.

The possible causes of this overheating in classic cars are:

  • Low levels of coolant in the vehicle
  • A defunct cooling fan
  • Broken fan belt inside the car
  • Clogged pipes for the radiator
  • A malfunctioning thermostat
  • A burnt gasket

These problems can be addressed by a dedicated mechanic for classic cars, as they would have an idea of what is needed to get the car off and running on the roads again.

Brake Malfunctions

Brake maintenance is extremely necessary for maintaining the safety of you and your family behind the wheels. Rotor or pads, every braking component inside your car has a life, after which it cannot be used further.

Interestingly, since vintage cars don’t tend to have an advanced brake warning system, most car owners have no idea of when the system has malfunctioned, and when they need to think of a solution for it. If your car isn’t braking well, it could be because of a deteriorating disk, which should be replaced immediately after due attention from your mechanic.

Electrical Malfunctions

Every car has a complex electrical structure used for distributing the power to all parts within the car. An electrical system basically comprises of a starter, a battery, and a distribution unit. A problem in any one of these units would stop your car from revving up at all.

Knowing the electrical issues inside these cars, it is best to have them periodically maintained from the best for pinpointing any replacements or repairs in advance.

Poor Alignment

Wheel alignment is an important aspect of your drive, which is why it should be maintained throughout. Have an alignment job done from a reliable mechanic before taking your classic car out on a long trip of sorts?

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