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parked car

Why You Should Not Park Your Car for Too Long?

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A similarity between certain machines and people is their need to remain active for the sake of their well-being. A car is one such machine. If it’s parked for too long, it will eventually experience deterioration. A long hibernation period for any vehicle can result in many issues. Let’s take a look.

Drained Battery

The battery is the first casualty in instances when a car remains parked for a long time. Car batteries are wired to work on constant recharging through the firing engine. If you are not starting your car more often, then eventually all battery power will be drained.

When you try to start the engine after a long period of hibernation, the battery will fail to ignite because of the weak power supply from the battery. To protect your battery from dying down when you are not driving your car for a long period, make sure that you idle the engine every day for a couple of minutes.

Worn Out Tires

Tires also bear the significant brunt when the car is parked for too long. Tires remain at work even when the car is not moving since they stand its entire weight. For that matter, they get deflated even in the stationary state. The weight of the car will put more strain on the material of tires in the deflated state. Besides that, there are many environmental and storage conditions that also affect tires.

Exposure to oxygen speeds up the rubber deterioration. Moreover, humidity, outside temperature and sunlight can also wither tires when the car is parked idle for too long.

Engine Corrosion

The engine is the powerhouse of any vehicle and it also gets affected when a car is not driven for a very long time. According to auto experts, different engine components are subjected to rapid corrosion when a car remains in a stationary position for an extended time period. Engine valves, belts, and walls suffer from low lubrication when an engine is not ignited for a long time. As a result, these parts erode more quickly.

Failing Brakes

Brake plates are also subjected to quick rusting when they remain inactive for too long. A rusted brake disc losses its grip and can’t be trusted in a moving vehicle.

A vehicle that is parked for too long can’t get regular service and washing, which also affects its visual appeal.  The car’s air conditioning is also affected when it’s not regularly used since coolant leakage is a common problem in idle cars.

Preparing Car for a Long Period of Inactiveness

First of all, it’s not a good practice to park your car for too long. But if you have no other option in the wake of certain unavoidable situations, then make sure to top up all car fluids before that. Also, park the car in shade or garage where it remains less subjected to external conditions. A checkup from a certified mechanic before parking the car for long would also not do any harm.
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