Sedan Car
Sedan Car

Picking a Car that Matches Your Lifestyle Part 2

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Vehicles and lifestyles go hand-in-hand. In the last blog post, we discussed how hatchbacks and coupe cars can fit in with certain lifestyles. In this blog, we will talk about some other car makes with regards to their utility and different lifestyles.


Some auto experts term sedan as a complete car that offers both utility and style. Whether it’s front seat or backseat, you don’t have to worry about numbing lower limbs during long commutes. Sedans offer sufficient legroom to all passengers. For small families, a sedan car is a perfect vehicle choice.

It is important to mention here that the majority of the sedan makes are not good on trunk space. Moreover, they are also not known for giving good fuel economy. Nevertheless, sedans ensure the best asphalt grip among all different vehicle makes. Their wide base and suspension platform make them good enough to give a seamless driving experience.

If we exclusively talk about its visual presence, then sedan is perfectly suited for elite presentation. High-end sedan makes are a perfect match for C-suite executives. All things considered, we can say that sedans primarily match with a prosperous urban lifestyle.


SUVs are heavy-duty vehicles that offer a spacious interior and powerful road performance. If you are into extra-brawny cars, then you should navigate through SUVs offered by different car manufacturers. SUVs can easily offer passenger space to up to 7-8 people while still saving room for luggage space. Their four-wheel drivetrain makes them ideal for off-road adventures as well. They can also be used as towing vehicles for trailers and boats.

SUVs are generally associated with an active and outgoing lifestyle. Since their engines fire on some extra octane, it will be silly to expect fuel efficiency from SUV vehicles.  Many experts are of the opinion that SUVs are not meant for people who have to do their daily commutes in urban centers.


Mini-van is an extension of a hatchback. It provides more seating and has enough trunk space to accommodate a bulk of luggage. From road-trips to interstate holiday travels, mini-vans are the right choice.

If you have a garage and can afford a mini-van, there would be no harm in investing in this utility vehicle. Otherwise, there is no point of going for a mini-van since it’s more of a purpose-built vehicle. For occasional use, you can also get a hatchback on rent.

Classic Vehicle

Classic cars are altogether a different category of vehicles and they have not much to do with utility. In nearly every case, a classic vehicle is owned to make a style statement. It is important to mention here that a classic vehicle is can be of different categories. It can be a sedan or a coupe from the golden era of automotive industries.Engg-Logo

Keep in mind that owning a classic car comes with certain responsibilities. You have to be extra diligent to maintain the car in its classic, timeless aesthetic. ENGG can help you in keeping up with the maintenance of classic cars. On ENGG, you can easily find hardly-available auto parts of different classic cars.

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