Few important things you need to know before you salvage your car.

Salvaging a Car?

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Few important things you need to know before you salvage your car.

Do you know what are the valuable items you can sell before you salvage your car?

  1. Airbags

    Airbags are hidden but come into action to protect a life until our lives depend on it. It has a short lifespan may be for a few seconds, but it performs its destiny and passes away.
    Airbags are the important safety feature for a car, but what happens when your car gets a breakdown or involved in the crash, but the airbags were not deployed, in such cases, most of the car components don’t work. what about airbags? are they different? Yes, an unused airbag can be used, and it can be sold for a couple of bucks. Many people will tend to buy an unused airbag than opting for a new airbag and installation which cost them more money.

  2. Tools box

    It is not mandatory that every car is equipped with a toolbox but just go through a quick check of your car glove box and trunk to find out any repair tools like a screwdriver, Pliers, and wrenches. Of course, these don’t bring you much money, but those tools can be reused or sold for $20 on an average.

  3. Batteries

    Batteries are the expensive and valuable part for a car that should be taken out before selling your car. You can sell the battery by recycling it and make some money out of it or you can refurbish the battery with distilled water and Epsom salt which can run for a few more years.

  4. Air Conditioner

    No one likes to drive a car without an air conditioner, especially in the summer season. So, we know it is an integral part of any car system. Air conditioner working in full condition would be very useful. You can make some more extra cash if you can safely remove a compressor and cooling part out of your car and list and sell on ENGG.

  5. Tires

    There are many vendors who buy a used tire and you know how costly they are. Not all 4 tires get equal wear and tear, right? If you think your tires are in good condition, you can make money out of it by selling it.

  6. Seatbelts

    What you do by removing the seat belts? If you are looking for a long and strong strap, these seat belts are very useful.


“Where am I going to sell these parts?”, immediately a question pops into your head. Well, not to worry. We are here to assist you to make your selling experience better.

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It is very important for a person to be skilled, to safely remove all the car parts. Remember, safety always comes first. You can make a good amount of money if all the parts are removed safely without getting damaged and selling them on a good marketplace.

So, don’t waste your valuable time searching for a marketplace. Go on to www.engg.com and list your parts for free. You may also want to contact us if you have any questions.

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