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Why Classic Cars Are Better than Modern Cars

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Modern cars are to classic cars what smartphones are to feature phones. The older models have outlived their usefulness, and they are being replaced by better and more efficient models. But beyond the obvious advantages of newer technology, modern cars are unable to match the charm of classic cars. This article discusses six reasons why.

Classic Cars Are Smaller & Lighter

Modern cars have grown in size and weight over the past few years, while classic cars have retained their compact, smaller sizes. Although passengers have to put up with cramped spaces, the experience of getting to sit inside a vintage car is worth the trouble.

Also, aerodynamics favors the compact sizes of classic cars over the giant frames of modern variants. This means higher speeds on the roads.

You Get to Fully Enjoy the Car – No Holds Barred

Complicated features such as traction control, stability control, and limited slip take away from the experience of truly controlling the car as it was intended by the manufacturer.  Modern cars that are outfitted with too many safety features just get in the way of the definitive driving experience.

Helps Appreciate Our Legacy

Classic cars have played a big role in the evolution of the automobile industry. Many of them have won races and other competitive sports during their heydays. As these cars aged, their legend grew, and the desire to pay homage to the legacy left behind also increased.

Being Limited in Supply

When a commodity is produced in endless supply, it begins to lose its value with time. Classic cars are popular today because their manufacturers have moved on to bigger, better, and more efficient’ models, leaving the older models behind to collect dust. Hobbyists are known to search far and wide for rare classic models to add them to their growing collection.

This gives hobbyists a sense of achievement that comes with reliving history.

Classic Cars Make for Better Drivers

Since the driving experience is pure and unfiltered, people behind the wheels become efficient drivers. Since they can’t afford to make mistakes, they are forced to learn quickly. Classic car owners have a better understanding of control mechanics such as threshold braking, oversteering, understeering, and throttle. The lack of driver aids in classic cars means that there are no second chances, and you must get acquainted with the car or risk crashing.

People Are Easily Impressed with Classic Cars

Thanks to popular media and movies like Fast and Furious, people tend to look more favorably toward classic cars. Blockbuster movies like John Wick feature the protagonists owning the roads, streets, and the bar by driving a black 1969 Mustang. It is easy for spectators to become awestruck at the sight of what once used to rule the roads.

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